You’ll have more billable time

“We save on average two hours per day using Brighter Suite”

“This time last year it took over half an hour to deal with a fee enquiry. So, more than one enquiry per day became unmanageable among all the other jobs we have to do.

Brighter Suite allows anyone in the office to create a compliant quote in seconds, with just the property price. We now save around two hours per day. And we can use that time to provide our clients with a better conveyancing service.”

Sarah Edmunds – Morgan Kelly solicitors

It pays for itself

“We only had to win two new instructions to cover the cost of membership”

“The commercial case is compelling enough: we only had to win two new instructions to cover the cost of membership. We did that within the first week of implementing the system and working with David, our Brighter Partner, to increase conversion.

It is an exceptional system, which simplifies our quotation process, saves us time, wins us more business and increases our return.”

Amanda Hodson – Slade Legal

Increase instructs

“We have increased conversion of enquiries to instructions from 33% to more than 75% in six months”

“By working with Brighter Law we have increased conversion of enquiries to instructions from roughly 33% to more than 75%. All the while increasing average fees by more than 10% per case.

Changes like this didn’t quite come overnight. But, with the help of our Brighter Partner and the Brighter Suite, we’ve identified the most effective steps to improve our customer experience, and consequently, win more business.

Six months later and we couldn’t be happier with how things have gone.”

Simon Thomas – Founding Partner, Thomas Legal Group

Track your business

“I feel more in control of my business”

“Prior to joining Brighter Law, it wasn't easy to track where business was coming from. With Brighter’s simple methods of recording introduction sources and easy- to-understand reporting, I now know where instructions are coming from and who is the best at converting.

This makes it very simple for me to reward and motivate my staff, and I can see which work areas we need to focus on for the next month.”

Sarah Gilbe – Setfords Solicitors

It’s simple

“Implementation was really easy”

“With multiple offices and lots of teams to train and processes to change, implementation and roll out were always a concern.

Our Brighter Partner, Andy, was there every step of the way and spent time with every member of staff to make sure they were happy and understood how best to use the system.

It’s a simple and seamless solution with full support from a bright and cheerful team who are always on hand and happy to help, implementation was really easy.

My staff are happy as it saves them time, and more importantly, we are winning more business”.

Faye Green -Quality Solicitors Parkinson Wright

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And so much more

Taking your data and its security seriously

Are your systems secure?

Yes, all communication with our applications is over an encrypted HTTPS connection and all passwords are hashed using an industry standard ‘one-way’ algorithm - meaning you can use our systems with confidence that you’re secure.

Is my data safe?

You will benefit from unrivalled protection from malware, trojans and viruses.

Visit Microsoft for more information

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored within UK Microsoft Azure datacenters trusted by the British MoD, Tesco, Marks & Spencer and the NHS.

Not only is our data storage the best on the market; we replicate your data between two separate UK datacenters, providing you with high availability and redundancy no matter what happens - ensuring that your data will be available anywhere, anytime.

Who is responsible for the security of my data?

The security of the datacenters and infrastructure is provided by Microsoft, giving you some of the best protection in existence.

In our applications, the responsibility ultimately lies with us, something we take incredibly seriously. So seriously that we run extensive due diligence on all coding and system maintenance - ensuring that there are no chinks in our armor and your data is safe.

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